Range Notebook
Range Notebook
Range Notebook
Range Notebook
Range Notebook
Range Notebook

Range Notebook


A medium-size Range Notebook that is small enough to carry with you while providing all your information in one place.


Practicality is a fundamental component when shooting and we wanted to create a book to hold all information you need while out on the firing line. Our Range Notebook has been designed to be easily adapted by giving you the opportunity to move the inner Velcro pockets to suit the individual.

Our range book has been reinforced with plastic sheeting inside to maintain durability. A large clear pocket on the back of the notebook gives quick access to data.

The front of our Range Notebook features a moral patch/Velcro panel. This panel also has a small zip pocket inserted into it for small easily misplaced items. The front also has a large front pocket which is lined with loop Velcro and can have a Velcro backed bullet holder inserted (sold separately).

The zip provides the Range Notebook to be fully opened to 180° while also protecting documents and data inside. On the inside of the Range Notebook, there are two back pockets on either side. Loop Velcro on the front of each pocket to be able to attach our removable clear file data holder and pen holder. This is so that the user can customise their range book to suit their needs. These removable holders can also be attached and used alongside our Delux Shooting Mat.

On the back of our Range Notebook is a Clear PVC panel that can hold your written or Ballistic data, this allows you to view vital information without having the Range Notebook open.

Our Range Notebook also comes with a ‘Rite in the Rain’ all-weather Notebook. This notebook can also be purchased separately from us.

Our Range Notebook is also designed to fit perfectly inside our Shooting HUB.

Accessories Not Included


  • Made from 500D Cordura® with reinforced plastic covers
  • Lined with loop Velcro to easily change pockets from left to right
  • Zip closed to protect documents, with reinforced pull tab
  • Approx Weight: 300g
  • Approx Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 50mm